Please note the following when completing your lost gig application:
  • We provide lost gig benefits only for gigs at venues located within a 50-mile radius of Annapolis.
  • We need you to provide complete information about your lost gigs, including contact information.
  • We provide lost gig benefits to individual musicians; bands cannot apply as a group. Please submit your individual revenue lost.
  • There is a six-month time limit for applying for past lost gigs.
  • Please review the eligibility criteria carefully, as they have changed in 2021. They can found on the FAQ page in the Benefits section of our website.

Application For Lost Gig Benefits

In order to qualify for lost gig benefits, the applicant must either reside in the Annapolis area or must have gigged in the Annapolis area at least 18 times during a 12-month period from January 1, 2019, to present.

AMFM defines “the Annapolis area” as the following zip codes: 21401, 21402, 21403, 21404, 21405, 21409, 21411, 21412, 21012, 21032, 21035, 21037, 21106 or 21140.

If you qualify, complete the “Lost Gig Benefits Application” and submit it to AMFM.  Applications must be submitted within six months of the date of the lost gig.

Once received, AMFM will review your application and respond to your request.